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5 years of war Syria 5 years of war Syria 5_jaar_oorlog_Syrie_2.jpg portret_1.jpg 5_jaar_oorlog_Syrie_4.jpg portret_9.jpg portret_6.jpg 5_jaar_oorlog_Syrie_3.jpg portret_2.jpg 5_jaar_oorlog_Syrie_5.jpg portret_8.jpg 5_jaar_oorlog_Syrie_6.jpg portret_3.jpg 5_jaar_oorlog_Syrie_7.jpg 5_jaar_oorlog_Syrie_8.jpg portret_4.jpg 5_jaar_oorlog_Syrie_9.jpg 5_jaar_oorlog_Syrie_10.jpg 5_jaar_oorlog_Syrie_11.jpg portret_7.jpg

5 years of war Syria

1. Jamila

2. Children live in there temporary room in Kamp Zeist an asylumcentre in The Netherlands.

3. Fatima (52), Amman, Jordan:  I see myself going back to Syria to live on the same farm where we used to live.

4. Dunkirk, France: In a makeshift camp, migrants are waiting for a chance to travel to England. Like Calais, Dunkirk is a 'jungle'. Some 2,500 people try to survive under appalling conditions. 

5. Umm Mohammed (40) with one of her six children, Mafraq, Jordan: It is so hard to accept. I have lost all hope. If the war ever stops, it will at least take fifty years to rebuild Syria – and it will never be like it was.

6. Noura (50), transit camp Vinojug on the Macedonian-Greek border: My deepest wish is to go back to Syria. The moment the war stops, I will immediately go back.

7. Suruc, Turkey: In South-East Turkey the largest camp for Syrian refugees was set up last year. The camp at the bordertown of Suruc is housing 35,000 people.

8. Um Ahmad (56), Amman, Jordan: All Syrians will go back to Syria, we will rebuild it and live happily after a long, difficult journey.

9. Transit camp Vinojug on the Macedonian-Greek border: Girl, seriously ill, wrapped in blankets, laying on the ground. Her parents can do little against the bitter cold.

10. Jamila (19), Amman, Jordan: I feel very lonely as a single mother. The future frightens me. I do not know how to read or write; how can I provide for my children?

11. Irbid, Jordan: Near the city of Irbid, close to the Syrian border, refugees live in tents or unfinished houses.

12. Amal (20), Irbid, Jordan: Undoubtedly our future will be brighter. I will make sure my children will be educated and live a decent life.

13. Irbid, Jordan: Refugees live under poor conditions. To pay the rent is a major problem, as rents often are high.

14. Transit camp Vinojug on the Macedonian-Greek border:  Mothers, fathers and children carry all they can.

15. Aya (8), Wassenaar, The Netherlands: I love Syria because it is my country. The best country ever, because I remember me and mom and dad and my sister had a picnic and the picnic was the best.

16. Transit camp Tabanovce on the Macedonian-Serbian border: People are disorientated and dazed as they disembark from the train.

17. Amman, Jordan: 95% of the refugees do not live in refugee camps, but in dilapidated houses without heating or reliable electricity supply. 

18: Kamp Zeist The Netherlands.

19. Marwa (19), transit camp Vinojug on the Macedonian-Greek border: I have heard that some people in Germany are not happy with the arrival of refugees from Syria. I hope we can show them that we are not bad people.